Versace Eros by Versace Eau De Toilette Spray for Men

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You'd expect nothing less than a manly fragrance from the design house of Versace, and you'll get it with Versace Eros, a decadent fragrance for men of distinction. This woody fresh scent has a definitive oriental vibe that is daring and adventurous-just like you. It features a crisp zing of mint oil embraced by fruity green apple and Italian lemon with memorable notes of geranium flowers and Venezuelan ambroxan in a succulent sensuous medley that clings to your skin all day.


Positive Reviews: 

1. Israel - This male fragrance has a smooth smell, a little sweet smell and is a favorite of my wife’s.

2. Talha -  I got this as a gift by a friend and I can say that this is definitely the most effective cologne I have ever gotten. I get so many compliments on this and use it almost everyday. My wife loves it too. 

3. William G - Bought this about 4 years ago and was attracted to the bottle itself.  I started wearing it exclusively at nighttime during the summer months and was amazed.  It lasts about 6 hrs and projects for over 3 hrs on my skin.  If you're looking for something that's a little bit seductive you definitely can't go wrong here.


Negative Reviews: 

1. Angela - As a huge Versace lover, I am extremely disappointed with this scent! Packaging is nice and it sprays well however it smells like my grandfather's Cologne and it is so strong whatever Room you sprayed it in it will be there all day long! Beings I cannot stand the smell I will definitely be giving this away as I cannot stand my husband using it and I know every time he does because that stench is horrible! I literally will pay him to stop using it! Nothing, absolutely nothing at all against Versace absolutely love them just not this fragrance!!!

2. Emilee- This is very strong and does have a lasting power but my husband nor I enjoyed the scent of this. We only used a travel size but the packaging is nice.

3. Mehreen - This is an okay perfume for me but my husband hated it and since I bought this from Costco for him, he returned it the next day. He said it smelled like gas and axe perfume mixed. If he doesn't use it and then I have to dislike it too lol.


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