Versace Crystal Noir 50 ml Eau De Toilette Spray for Women

$59.99 $68.99

Crystal Noir is the very feminine scent by Versace which was introduced in 2004. Seductive, sensual yet sweet blend of Gardenia, Peony, Amber, Sandalwood, Orange Blossom that makes any woman feel elegant.

Positive Reviews:

1. Gizem - I love it’s authenticity! It has a very unique smell and reminds me of power. It adds to self confidence and doesn’t get you bored. Could be better if it stood longer. I’m in love with the design it’s so cool I’d buy it again when it’s over. 

2. Alyssa - This product smells absolutely delightful without being too overwhelming! I'm able to put it on in the morning and have it last all day. I wouldn't change one thing about Versace Chrystal Noir, it's the perfect perfume for any and all occasions!

3. Agapi - If this is not the best perfume on the world?! 😍 ok do thus is the one I am using for the last 6 years. I love it. It is the best money I spend. They never forget you with this on. It is a bit strong but the undertones give you something sweet, but not exactly sweet. Haha I dont know to explain. I also have the body milk and traveling size.

Negative Reviews:

1. Isabel - Not my favourite of the Versace perfume brands. It has a more mature, stronger and intense scent...if you are looking for something that's more of a night time and matured scent, I would say this is an option.

2. Marienid - I got this as a sample  and the scent didn’t work for my skin. Other than that the packaging was nice and secure for on the go. 

3. Lillian - There's not much to say. I don't really like it because it's to over powering, but it also doesn't last that long. It lasted less than half the day for me. It gave me a giant migraine and i wouldn't buy it again. 

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