Jean Paul Gaultier

JEAN PAUL GAULTIER 200 ml Eau De Toilette Spray for Men

$76.38 $84.87

The design house of Jean Paul Gaultier launched Le Male cologne in 1995. The now-famous and recognizable Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male perfume succeeds in its appeal to a wide range of men thanks to its unique blend of woody undertones with sharp, oriental scents. This sexy, simple scent is now sometimes colloquially known as the "man in a can"; due to its unique packaging.

Positive Reviews: 

1. Faith - One of my favorite scents for men! its intoxicating and delicious, sweet and a little musky - I have purchased this for my husband more than once - definitely recommend!

2. Daisy - This was given to my husband as a gift,I didn't like it because of the bottle..Once my husband sprayed it one day I fell for that cologne its smells great id recommend it to any guy.

3. Jameelah - My dad loves this stuff! It smells great and he always gets compliments when he wears it.


Negative Reviews: 

1.  Gabrielle - Haha the bottle is funny, I can't picture men walking out of the store with a bottle of this stuff just because it is in the shape of a guy. 

2. Heather - I think this smell is so heinous! I love the bottle and the design, but the smell is so horrible!

3. Tiffany - My fiance tried this and he loved the smell but it didn't last very long and its smell started to give him a headache. (Which he never gets!)


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