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Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramide Capsules Line Erasing Night Serum


This luxurious, lightweight, semi-translucent serum combines two of the biggest names in skincare in one, easy-to-use capsule: Retinol, the clinically proven wrinkle-smoother, and moisture-boosting ceramides. Sealed for freshness and potency, this formula provides visible results while helping to protect against the dryness and irritation often associated with retinol. Never sticky or tacky, this serum absorbs quickly and completely. In one month, see more youthful skin, minimized wrinkles and better texture and tone. What makes our retinol different? As powerful as Retinol is, it is extremely sensitive to light and air which can affect its potency. Our secret is in the capsule and manufacturing process—light and air are kept out and potency in. In fact, the retinol in our capsules is 76% more potent than unencapsulated retinol.* This means that highly reactive retinol is protected, ensuring the potency of every application. *Based on testing of unencapsulated retinol equivalent predictive of 10 months of shelf life.

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