Adidas Victory League 100ml Eau De Toilette Spray for Men


Launched in 2006 this is a special fragrance celebrating 'team spirit' in soccer.With top notes of Bergamot, basil and fresh cut grass. Middle notes of lavender,pear and cinnamon and base line of cedarwood,vanilla and musk.

Positive Reviews: 

Rahima: You get the perfume and the deodorant. This is not like other deodorants that leaves yellow stains on your beautiful favorite top 🤮 .. It has a fresh sweet menly smell that people can smell when I just walk past them I feel like a little fairy breeze walking past when people compliment me this is really affordable and worth every penny you use the perfume is also much more effective and stronger lasts you the whole day long Adidas Moves for Him Eau de Toilette Spray also never disappointed me. I suggest they start making makeup as well like I know I'll be the first buyer 😂❤️ Adidas

Negative Reviews: 

Matthieu B.: 

Not a very good smell in my opinion. Even if the price is nice i won't buy it again.

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