Adidas Fruity Rhythm 50ml Eau De Toilette Spray


From the company that knows how to run things, comes this delicious fruity floral fragrance for active women. Top notes are dark and fruity with black currant and raspberry; middle notes are light and fresh with a floral bouquet of cyclamen and freesia; base note is a soft and tender musk.

Neutral Review: 

Same opinion on this one as the fizzy energy accept this one is way more fruity hence the name fruity rhythm. Something young teens would purchase from Walmart to start discovering scents but who aren’t able to purchase high end brands. It’s not a bad scent it is fruity and stronger if you spray too much but in my opinion this line the green, red and blue for women and even the men’s ones are good to just throw in before the gym or jogging so you smell good but aren’t using your high priced perfumes. I think I’ve literally had these since I was 17 so ages 17-18 for girls for sure this is something I see them using.


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